Founded in 1998, FITOK Group has been an industry-leading developer and manufacturer of superior quality instrumentation valves and fittings, having R&D centers, manufacturing facilities, warehousing and service locations in Offenbach Germany, Texas USA, Wuhan, Shenzhen and Suzhou China, and Dubai UAE.

FITOK  has the capability to manufacture and supply 5 different product categories, including:
■ General Instrumentation Valves and Fittings
■ Medium & High Pressure Valves and Fittings
■ High Purity & Ultra High Purity Products
■ Sampling Systems
■ Tubing

Applications and Benefits

FITOK chose SilcoTek coatings because a wide variety of parts can benefit from SilcoNert® 2000 (Sulfinert®) Coated Products.  In general, if there are any species in your streams which are reactive or corrosive, all metal components in the sample stream should be shielded.  When sampling, storing, or transferring organo-sulfur compounds, always classify wetted parts.  Plan to use non-adsorptive parts or else plan to passivate all stainless steel parts. This will save possible troubleshooting efforts later in your work.

How To Order

To order SilcoNert® 2000 (Sulfinert®) coated FITOK products, please add “-SI” as a suffix to the standard ordering number.
Example, 6L-SC18-DN4-300-SI.  Other coated valves and fittings are also available upon request. Please contact FITOK Group or our authorized distributors for more information.

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