Since 1990 Haldatec have been providing products and services to the oil, gas and related industries in Australia, Pakistan, Singapore, Papua Nugini, India and New Zealand. EnPro - Haldatec's manufacturing arm provides hydrocarbon sampling cylinders, odourant injection systems and sample conditioning equipment to oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. Haldatec's product range includes:

  • Static insertion Probes for pipeline sample conditioning and pressure regulation
  • Gas sampling cylinders and sample conditioning equipment
  • Instrumentation filters
  • Regulators and valves
  • Much more

Haldatec is driven by customer requirements and the desire to set their own high standards of product and service quality. The product range under Haldatec's house product label EnPro has expanded and developed to compliment their core business, and driven by customer needs. There have been several innovative designs, adaptations and applications introduced to solve problems and make their product range as comprehensive as possible, without losing sight of the main product focus, serving the customer's needs.

Applications and Benefits

Haldatec, innovators in the oil and gas equipment field, partner with SilcoTek in providing inert coatings to critical components. For over 15 years SilcoTek's inert and corrosion resistant CVD coatings have helped to enhance the performance of Haldatec's products, a testiment to SilcoTek's reliability and performance capability.

How To Order

Go to Haldatec website https://www.haldatec.com.au/contact to discuss your product application and needs.