HandyTube makes their 70 years of experience making high quality tubing products evident in their dedication to high-quality service and products. Their highly experienced engineers provide expertise on new product development, through continuous improvement and lean manufacturing. HandyTube works successfully with customers worldwide, to take products from a raw idea to full implementation. Handy offers extensive customer-specific solutions for critical applications. You can rely on Handy's team of engineers to refine your ideas, explore options, create new solutions, analyze values and deliver on commitments.

Applications and Benefits

SilcoTek coating surfaces prevent adsorption, corrosion and contamination of the sampling stream, improving durability and test reliability. Our coating technologies enable HandyTube customers to reliably transport and sample products and to improve product quality.

How To Order

HandyTube strives to exceed customer expectations each and every day, Handy's engineering staff is on hand to assist you in the design process to develop your specific ideas into full implementation of final product solutions. Go to their website to discuss your application and place an order.