HKK Instrumentation

HKK Instrumentation was founded in 2009 and registered in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Its core members are from Hong Kong and China. It has more than 20 years of rich experience and understands the needs of the industry and users.  
    In the same year, the US CIRCOR INSTRUMENTATION TECHNOLOGIES (HOKE Group) appointed HKK ​​Instrumentation as the general agent in China and Hong Kong, exclusive sales of the group's brands are: HOKE, GO Regulator and Circle Seal Controls , Provide instrument valves, pressure relief valves, fittings, etc. for the full line of fluid control systems.
In 2011, the Italian company SAMI Instruments also hired HKK to exclusively sell the full range of instrument valves and process valve products. In the same year, DEKORON UNITHERM of the United States also hired HKK as the sole agent in China to sell and service Heat Traced Bundles and temperature control system accessories. 

Applications and Benefits

HKK Instrumentation has an excellent and professional team, providing customers with world-class instrument products, and assisting users to solve problems in fluid control systems, providing reliable and safe solutions. With the spirit of "customer first", HKK is committed to serving customers, satisfying each customer, and creating maximum value.  HKK chose SilcoTek because SilcoTek offers coatings that improve the analytical performance and durability of HKK products.

How To Order

At present, HKK Instrumentation sales service network has expanded to many locations in China.  HKK offers a large number of steel pipes and valve parts from stock, as well as an effective logistics system that allows users to quickly obtain high-quality instrument products produced in the United States and Europe.  View the available stock SilcoNert (Sulfinert) coated tubing and order with confidence.  HKK Instrumentation is also equipped with an excellent technical service team, allowing users to easily use the product to ensure reliable and safe applications.  Go to the HKK website to find a sales office near you.

Phone: (86)-21-3393-2900/3393-2901
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