KME’s special products division includes a variety of specialised tube bundles known as OSNALINE®. In this field of specialisation KME has been producing tube bundles to individual specifications for almost 50 years. These products are used for many industrial applications, in offshore facilities, in ship-building and in the building industry. This long tradition of tube bundle applications is one example of KME’s unique developing and production potential.

Applications and Benefits

The use of KME OSNALINE®-tube bundles is much more economical than installing lots of separate tubes. The nature and qualities of the outer jacket and tube materials allow OSNALINE®-tube bundles to withstand the combined effects of environmental and atmospheric conditions, aggressive chemicals, pressure and temperature, where conventional tubing would fail or require costly on-site manual protection. KME delivers tube bundles to:

  • the chemical and petrochemical industries
  • ship-building and offshore industries
  • the building industry
  • plant construction and mechanical engineering

Main uses of OSNALINE® tube bundles:

  • pneumatic and hydraulic systems
  • measuring and analysing systems
  • effective and differential pressure systems

How To Order

To request a tubing or heat trace quote go to their website or email them at .