The Instrumentation Products Division provides highly engineered pressure and temperature process control instrumentation and systems. These range from compression tube fittings, cone and thread fittings, needle valves, ball valves, compact stream switching valves to modular process to instrument valve packages. These items are all developed and manufactured to increase customer up-time, maintain safety, improve production and quality control.

Parker is equally committed to decreasing their customer's downtime, labor and maintenance costs. Parker Instrumentation products are designed  and developed with their customer's application requirements in mind. Parker is working closely with their customers in new opportunities and the various associated solutions to those instrumentation application issues.  

Applications and Benefits

Parker offers a wide range of regulators, fittings, sample cylinders, tubing and other fluid handling products. Parker is world renowned for their superior quality, engineering and support. Whatever the challenge, Parker is there to help you achieve the solution that meets your need. Parker is developing innovative new products and systems, delivering significant value to their customers including:

  • Improving analytical reliability when testing sulfurs, mercury, ammonia, and more reactive compounds.
  • Increasing the corrosion resistance of stainless steel components in challenging applications.
  • Operating your instruments longer with less maintenance, better accuracy, and higher throughput.

How To Order

Go to the Parker website to find a distributor, sales representative or store near you. Find what you're looking for at the "Where to Buy" page. Search by product category, division, home country, brand name, HoseDoctor® or ParkerStore ™.   Or click on the button below to go to their Process Analytical Guide.

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