Backed by a long history of supporting labs and process analytical users, Restek's high-performance chromatography supplies and world-class technical service equip the analyst to achieve:

  • Faster throughput and lower cost per sample.
  • Accurate, reliable, and legally defensible data.
  • Hassle-free compliance with method requirements.

Applications and Benefits

Restek chose SilcoTek because SilcoNert®  (Sulfinert / Siltek) coated chromatography products improve analytical response and sensitivity for difficult to test samples like sulfur, mercury, ammonia, and other reactive compounds. Restek products offer the best quality and performance for laboratory, environmental, oil, gas, refinery and petrochemical applications.  Restek's dedicated technical support staff assure customers get the right fit and performance making them the chromatographer's supplier of choice.  

How To Order

Restek offers a wide range of SilcoNert (Restek calls it Sulfinert) coated fittings, valves, regulators, sample cylinders and other chromatography components. You can order SilcoTek coated Restek products here.