SilcoTek GmbH

SilcoTek GmbH

SilcoTek GmbH is the first Sales Representative for SilcoTek coatings in Europe. The leading provider of high performance coatings applied by chemical vapor deposition, or CVD. Founded in 2009 SilcoTek GmbH works closely with EU customers from various industries to solve their most demanding challenges by improving the surface properties of the materials they use.

Applications and Benefits

SilcoTek GmbH provides local coating expertise and support to customers throughout the EU. SilcoTek´s patented coatings solve the most demanding material challenges found in Energy, Science and Technology industries. SilcoTek® CVD coating technologies are utilized in diverse applications and industry segments world wide.

How To Order

SilcoTek GmbH offers SilcoNert 2000® coated tubing, fittings, and valves from stock.  SilcoTek GmbH also offers custom coating solutions to customers throughout the European Union.  SilcoTek GmbH offers coated products from stock!  Click the button below to view the list of stock products.

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