Welker is a leader in the manufacturing industry specializing in oil and gas sampling equipment. Their sampling products can be found in natural gas, crude oil, light liquid, odorization, instrumentation, filtration, pipeline, flow nozzles and lubrication systems. Since 1954, Welker has looked at every challenge as an opportunity to make a better design. The team at Welker is relentless in finding the best result for all of their customers needs.

Applications and Benefits

Welker chose SilcoTek coatings because our innovative coatings improve the inertness and corrosion resistance of sample cylinders and canisters. Combined with Welker's patented revolutionary products, our coatings help Welker improve sample accuracy and reliability.

How To Order

Welker products are available world wide. You can find a representative by going to their website, www.welker.com.