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What Is Notak?

Notak® is SilcoTek’s newest and most hydrophobic and oleophobic surface treatment.  Applied via chemical vapor deposition (CVD), the patented Notak® coating process improves surface repelling properties to resist unwanted build-up of water, oils, sticky hydrocarbons, and other foulants.

Because the Notak process is new, there are part size limitations and order quantity restrictions.  Contact our Technical Service Team to discuss your application, size, and quantity requirements.  To stay current with Notak development subscribe to our Notak updates.  


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Coating Benefits for Plastic Molds, Chemical Process, Analytical and Heat Exchanger Systems

  • Improve plastic mold release
  • Reduce heat exchanger maintenance
  • Prevent fouling related failures in polymer production
  • Use wherever water repelling or oil repelling properties are needed
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If you have a technical question about how our coating technologies will perform in your application, contact our Technical Service Team and ask the experts.

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Hydrophobic surface dropsGet the most efficiency and profit from your plastic mold process, chemical process, refining, or lab process.  Coat all components and flow paths.  

This includes:

  • Plastic molds
  • Heat exchangers
  • Reactors
  • Gas regulators
  • Tubing
  • Valves
  • Separators and filters

Now plastic manufacturers, chemical processes, and labs have the option to improve the fouling, oil resistance and hydrophobicity on all contact surfaces.  

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