Coating Applications for Automotive and Trucks

Fouling Resistant, High Temperature Coatings  

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Improve Engine Performance and Reliability With Inert Coatings

SilcoTek® high temperature coatings reduce carbon fouling and catalytic interaction with the underlying surface.  SilcoTek's CVD silicon coatings like SilcoKlean® or Dursan® bond to the surface and change the surface energy and inertness, preventing chemical adhesion and adsorption of the substrate and improving fouling resistance.  The coating's low energy surface prevents the attachment of flow path chemicals to the surface.

The benefits of an inert anti-coking and fouling resistant barrier coating include:                                                                                 

  • Improved engine up-time, reduced maintenance
  • Increase service intervals
  • Improved fuel injector and nozzle fuel spray quality
  • Reduced intercooler fouling, improved flow
  • Improved fuel efficiency

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Anti-coking and Anti-fouling Coating Applications for Automotive and Trucks.

Modern fuels can decompose and foul under extreme heat.  With the advent of direct injection exposure to combustion conditions result in increased carbon fouling, poor fuel spray and inefficient flame propagation during combustion.  SilcoTek® coatings reduce carbon buildup on fuel delivery flow paths, lubrication flow paths, and exhaust aftercoolers, preventing fuel injector fouling and improving combustion efficiency and maintaining peak engine performance.  Applications include:

  •   Fuel line and fuel nozzle coking reduction 
  •   Aftercoolers 
  •   Turbocharger housings
  •   Lubrication lines


Automotive and Truck Application Data

 SilcoTek® coatings reduce carbon buildup on critical injection and fuel delivery flow paths, preventing fuel injector fouling and improving combustion efficiency and maintaining peak engine performance.  (Data Credit: Oltin, Venkataraman, Eser; Pennsylvania State University; "Analysis Of Solid Deposits From Thermal Stressing Of JP-8 Fuel On Different Surfaces On A Flow Reactor", University Park, PA.)




Turbochargers and exhaust intercoolers are exposed to extreme heat and exhaust particulates which can cause lubrication failures and exhaust EGR intercooler fouling.  SilcoTek coatings reduce carbon fouling by preventing carbon formation and bonding to stainless steel and alloy surfaces.  SilcoTek coatings prevent accumulation of carbon even under extreme combustion conditions found in IC engine pistons. (Image Credit; Perez, Boehman, Pennsylvania State University; "Penn State Multi-Discipline Tribology Group And Energy Institute Studies", University Park, PA)

The coated piston (left) shows little to no fouling.  The uncoated piston (right) shows significant carbon fouling.




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To get the most out of your process and product, coat all flow path components and systems.  This includes:

Critical Flow Paths

  • Fuel injectors 
  • Fuel delivery systems
  • Heat exchangers and EGR coolers
  • Tubing, valves and fittings
  • Turbochargers and intercoolers
  • Pistons
  • Bearing lubrication lines


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