Coating Applications for Filtration

Inert, Corrosion Resistant and Fouling Resistant Coatings  

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Improve Quality, Corrosion Resistance, and Fouling Resistance

Metal filter corrosion and fouling can increase maintenance, reduce efficiency and contaminate product flow paths.  Additionally metal fritted filters commonly used in analytical and lab applications adsorb reactive flow path samples, causing test failures and inconsistent test results.  SilcoTek® high temperature CVD coatings, like Dursan® and SilcoNert®, prevent the interaction of process fluids and test analytes with the metal filter surface, reducing fouling, corrosion, contamination, and sample adsorption. 

Will the coating block or obstruct the filter?  No, our coating won't plug filter media because our precision CVD deposition process distributes the coating without blinding of the filter surface or significantly impacting filter efficiency.  A cross section of a precision coated filter (below) shows coating throughout the filter without blocking the pores.

Coated frit section

Want to learn more about how we coat metal filters and sintered metal frits?  Read our Technical Insight.

The benefits of an inert, corrosion resistant and fouling resistant coating.                                                                                

  • Increase filter life, reduce maintenance
  • Reduce product contamination
  • Improve corrosion resistance and durability
  • Improve process efficiency
  • Consistent analytical results
  • Reduce surface fouling
  • Won't block or obstruct the filter
  • Minimize differential pressure  


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Coated frit 3

Coating Applications for Filtration.

Process fluids can cause corrosion, prematurely foul filters and can result in frequent and costly filter replacement.  SilcoTek coatings offer superior corrosion and fouling resistance at a low cost, eliminating the need for super alloys or exotic treatments.  Applications include:

  •   HPLC & GC fritted filters 
  •   Process and stack filtration 
  •   Produced water filtration
  •   Ballast filtration
Classic Filters silconert-filter-housing (1)  


Application Data

Dursan offers superior performance and durability, while maintaining dimensional tolerance.  Dursan does not significantly impact filtration efficiency while improving durability and life.Corrosion Dursan ASTMG31

ASTM G85 salt spray exposure demonstrates Dursan's corrosion resistance.  Coated and uncoated 316L stainless steel coupons were exposed to concentrated salt spray for over 8700 hours.  The uncoated coupons show extreme stainless steel corrosion.

salt_spray_test_4000_hours_Uncoated.pngThe Dursan® coated coupons show no corrosion, demonstrating that Dursan coated surfaces will continue to perform under extreme salt environments.



Our low surface energy (high contact angle) fouling resistant surface combined with a low coefficient of friction help to extend filter life .  Comparative testing shows the Dursan® coated surface improves lubricity by 36% over stainless steel while reducing surface energy by up to 8x.  

Notak hydrophobicity static CA


Dursan Friction Data.jpg

SilcoTek® coatings reduce buildup on critical flow paths, preventing fouling and improving efficiency.   (Data Credit: Oltin, Venkataraman, Eser; Pennsylvania State University; "Analysis Of Solid Deposits From Thermal Stressing Of JP-8 Fuel On Different Surfaces On A Flow Reactor", University Park, PA.)

Analysis of solid deposits from thermal stressing of jp-8 fuel

Comparative pin-on-disk wear and friction testing shows the Dursan® coated surface reduces wear by over 50% compared to uncoated stainless steel.

Dursan Wear Rate.jpg

Because metal fritted filters have a large surface area, they can be a significant source of reactivity and sample adsorption.  That's why it's critical to prevent interaction of the filter with the sample.  Many deactivation technologies can clog or blind filters and do not offer the inertness needed for today's trace sampling needs.  SilcoTek coatings like Dursan® beat other industry deactivation technologies and inert surfaces while not clogging or blinding the filter. 

The chart below compares the breakdown/loss rate of various deactivations.  The Dursan coating minimized sample breakdown, improving filtration and sampling results while offering a high temperature stable, high durability surface.  Get our ultimate guide to inert sampling and learn more about how SilcoTek coatings improve sampling performance.


Dursan-Inertness-Comparison 2




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