Coating Applications for Plastics Molding

Fouling Resistant, Low Surface Energy, High Temperature Coatings  

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Improve Plastic Mold Efficiency and Prevent Surface Sticking

Mold fouling or sticking is a costly surface problem that occurs in industrial applications, extrusion and casting operations. Surface sticking can create contamination, reduce efficiency, promote corrosion, reduce flow, increase maintenance, and ultimately inflates cost while worsening performance. SilcoTek® high temperature coatings reduce fouling and interaction with the underlying surface, improving quality and saving money. 

SilcoTek's CVD silicon coatings like Dursan® and Notak® bond to the surface and change the surface energy and inertness, preventing adhesion and improving mold release.  The coating's low energy surface prevents the attachment of flow path chemicals to the surface.

The benefits of a fouling resistant barrier coating in plastic mold release applications include:                                                                                 

  • Improved up-time & efficiency, reduced maintenance
  • Better product release and surface lubricity
  • Takes the place of release chemicals
  • Prevent release chemicals from contaminating parts
  • No post cleaning of molded parts needed
  • Does not transfer onto the plastic part during molding 
  • Improved corrosion resistance of components 

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Anti Fouling Coating Applications for Plastic Extrusion and Mold Release

Plastic fabrication equipment can benefit from precision CVD coatings to prevent damage to molds or extruders.  Outgassing, moisture acidity, and abrasive wear can take their toll on mold quality and result in costly replacement or repair. SilcoTek® coatings offer greater wear resistance while reducing friction and improving corrosion resistance.   Applications include:

  •   Injection molds 
  •   Extruder screws 
  •   Cooling tubes
  •   Flow valves
  •   Dies
  •   Resin feed tubes
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Application Data

Need an inert surface that's durable and corrosion resistant?  Dursan offers superior performance and durability, making it an ideal coating for extrusion and plastic molding operations.  Heating of mold resins, such as those in PVC operations, leads to off-gassing of corrosives like HCl.  Dursan offers superior corrosion performance on stainless steel molds.

Corrosion Dursan ASTMG31


Our low surface energy (high contact angle) surface combined with a low coefficient of friction improve mold flow and release. 

Many types of plastic materials that have been successfully used with our Dursan coating including:
  • Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
  • Polyurethane (PU)
  • Polypropylene(PP)
  • Pebax
  • Nylon

Comparative testing shows the Dursan® coated surface improves lubricity by 36% over stainless steel while reducing surface energy by up to 8x.

Notak hydrophobicity static CA


Coefficient of friction graph

Comparative pin-on-disk wear and friction testing shows the Dursan® coated surface reduces wear by over 50% compared to uncoated stainless steel.

Wear Pin on Disc Steel vs Dursan



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To get the most out of your process and product, coat all flow path components and systems.  This includes:

Critical Flow Paths

  • Molds
  • Dies
  • Extruders
  • Tubing, valves and fittings


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