Coating Applications for Research and Ultra High Vacuum 

Improve inertness, purity, moisture and vacuum performance  

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Improve Process Precision and Control 

SilcoTek high tolerance, precision CVD silicon barrier coatings protect and improve critical surfaces throughout critical flow paths.  Coating all surfaces will improve moisture hydrophobicity, vacuum performance, surface inertness and corrosion resistance.  SilcoTek® inert coatings like Silcolloy®, Dursox®, SilcoGuard® and Dursan® prevent interaction of the flow path surface with test analytes and materials, improving test precision and control.  

The benefits of an inert and non reactive water repelling coating include:                                                                                 

  • Improved corrosion resistance with less process contamination.                                                                              
  • Improved vacuum pump down, low outgassing.                                                                             
  • Less metal ion contamination and particulate generation.
  • Improved yield, less fluid contamination.                                                                                                                                         
  • Consistent performance for reliable test results.
  • Improved hydrophobicity for better moisture management.


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Coating Applications for Research and UHV.

Reactors, UHV chambers, and instrument flow paths can be the source of reactivity and test variation.  SilcoTek's non-reactive, corrosion resistant and hydrophobic barrier coatings can be bonded to the most intricate internal flow path surfaces to dramatically improve trace level analysis, UHV pump down rate, and test precision.  Applications include:

  •   VOC Testing
  •   Product and SEM Testing
  •   Specialty Gas Delivery 
  •   Corrosion Control
  •   Vacuum Research
  •   Moisture detection and control
  •   Precision trace analysis
  •   Field testing
Drusan flange 2  


Application Data

Need an inert surface that's durable and corrosion resistant?  Dursan offers superior performance and durability, making it an ideal coating for sampling in challenging environments.

Corrosion Dursan ASTMG31

Common semicon chemicals like HBr can corrode process systems, Silcolloy®, our corrosion resistant CVD coating, can improve system corrosion resistance 3x or more.  

ASTM G31 Silcolloy  6N HBr 1

SilcoTek high tolerance, precision CVD silicon coatings protect and improve critical surfaces throughout semiconductor process systems.  Coating all critical flow path surfaces will prevent ion and particulate contamination & improve process yield.  Coat the entire flow path to assure maximum performance.


The uncoated tubing (below left "A") retains methanol, resulting in unreliable and slow calibration and testing.  The SilcoNert coated tubing (right "B") retains very little methanol, resulting in fast response and accurate test results.  This enables cleanroom and other indoor or outdoor monitoring stations to provide consistent and precise results. 


Methanol adsorption VOC Analysis

SilcoTek® inert barrier coatings dramatically reduce outgassing of stainless steel surfaces, improving pumpdown efficiency and virtually eliminating surface burn-in requirements.  Coated vacuum and critical flow path surfaces improve process efficiency and productivity.

Chamber Pump down

Moisture and other contaminants don't stick to SilcoTek® coatings, improving SEM pumpdown and preventing product adulteration.

Moisture Adsorption

A SilcoNert® coated flow path will reduce signal loss, peak tailing and chemical adsorption while improving peak separation, sensitivity and baseline quality.  

A reactive flow path can result in peak signal distortion, lost peaks and overall poor test quality (as seen in the example below left).  A truly inert flow path will dramatically improve chromatography quality.  SilcoNert coated surfaces prevent surface interaction and adsorption, improving trace analysis.  (as seen on the right chromatograph).  


GC Peaks Reactive flow.Lost peaks

A reactive surface results in peak distortion and lost peaks.

GC SilcoNert Good Peaks (002)

The SilcoNert coated flow path assures minimal peak distortion without lost peaks.





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To get the most out of your process and product, coat all flow path components and systems.  This includes:

Calibration and spec gas delivery systems

  • Gas regulators
  • Tubing
  • Valves

Process Flow Paths

  • Canisters and tanks
  • UHV reactors including conflat flange surfaces
  • Gas delivery systems
  • Separators and filters
  • Regulators and mass flow control
  • Tubing, valves and fittings
  • Probes and sample flow paths
  • Heat exchangers and reactors
  • Flow control 
  • HPLC and GC components and columns


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