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SilcoTek coatings are uniquely tailored to solve tough material problems in a variety of industries and applications.  We offer over 20 custom coatings for challenging flowpath problems.    

Our patented CVD coating technologies, listed below, can be tailored to meet your specific application.  To learn more about SilcoTek's intellectual property, please visit

Our Coatings


What's this coating used for?

A tough, corrosion resistant, inert, hydrophobic coating.  Ideal for oil and gas, chemical processing, refining, and other demanding environments.  Also offers very low surface energy for easy cleaning and non-stick properties.

  • Dursan: Improves chemical inertness and corrosion resistance of stainless steel while significantly improving surface moisture resistance (hydrophobicity) and wear resistance.





What's this coating used for?

The most inert coating available.  

  • SilcoNert 1000 (formerly Silcosteel): A general purpose barrier coating that prevents contamination, catalysis, and out-gassing.  Ideal for high purity and extreme temperature applications.
  • SilcoNert 2000 (formerly Siltek/Sulfinert): A required coating when analyzing low levels of active, reactive, and organo-sulfur compounds.
    • H2S
    • Mercury
    • NOx
    • VOC's
    • Ammonia
    • Environmental sampling


What's this coating used for?

A corrosion resistant coating that increases the lifetime of system components.

  • Silcolloy (formerly Silcosteel-CR) improves corrosion resistance of stainless steel by an order of magnitude in chlorides & acidic environments.  An inert oxidation resistant coating able to withstand extreme high temperature and low temperature environments.


SilcoKlean Coating

What's this coating used for?

A non-stick coating designed to reduce the onset of carbon coking and fouling on stainless steel.

  • SilcoKlean (formerly Silcosteel-AC) reduces carbon coking or fouling by up to 8x on stainless steel.




What's this coating used for?

A low outgassing, rapid pump down, high purity coating designed to improve ultra high vacuum system performance.

  • SilcoGuard (formerly Silcosteel-UHV) reduces outgassing by 14x and significantly improves vacuum pump down in semiconductor and research systems.



What's this coating used for?

Dursox is an inert corrosion resistant silicon barrier coating formulated especially for high purity semiconductor fabrication processes.

  • Dursox improves corrosion resistance by 10x or more while reducing ion contamination in semiconductor processes.


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Our patented process eliminates interactions between flowpath surfaces and active compounds to enhance surface performance in a broad variety of applications.  Since 1987, SilcoTek® has provided surface coating technology solutions to process, analytical, gas & oil, semiconductor and corrosion applications world wide.  From prototype to production, SilcoTek offers patented and custom surface coating technologies that allow the user to improve the performance of their process and products.


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