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logo_yzsystems.jpg"Parts were delivered in excellent condition. They were packaged great. You should have seen the box by the time it got here and the parts were in perfect shape. Packaging of the parts we sent are extremely critical and the care that you took when you sent them back was noted by all. UPS did a number on the box. Every person I                                           have talked to has been very helpful and understanding."
                                  Linda News
                                  Material Analyst
                                  YZ Systems - Milton Roy Americas


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Solving coking and fouling problems

 How SilcoTek® Coatings Prevent Carbon Fouling And Improve Engine Performance.  

SilcoTek's high temperature coking and fouling resistant coatings, SilcoKlean® and Dursan®, prevent fuels and lubricants from reacting with flow path surfaces and forming carbon deposits.  Coated surfaces minimize sticking and promote easy cleaning, further reducing carbon build-up.  

SilcoTek® Coating Benefits

Even under extreme pressure and temperature, SilcoTek® coatings significantly improve performance.  Results show our coatings will:

  • Reduce maintenance
  • Improve coking and fouling resistance by up to 8x
  • Extend operational periods 

SilcoTek's patented silicon chemical vapor deposition (CVD) coating technology can be applied to complex or narrow part configurations without impacting even extremely tight tolerances.  Comparative studies show SilcoTek coatings outperform most materials commonly used in combustion environments.*  

    SilcoTek® Coatings Improve Engine Performance

  • Frequent component replacement 
  • Loss of power
  • Poor fuel efficiency
  • Increased emissions
  • Lost productivity due to excessive downtime
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Get more information about how SilcoTek coatings help maintain optimum combustion efficiency by preventing carbon build-up.

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*Data Credit: Alton,Esser; Analysis of Solid Deposits From Thermal Stressing of A JP-8 Fuel On Different Surfaces In A Flow Reactor; Fuel Science Program, Department of Mineral Science & Engineering; Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA.