SilcoTek Now Offers Inert Re-Deactivation Service For Used GC Liners

January 20 2014 Process Analytical

SilcoNert Liners

Did you know?  SilcoNert® 2000 (Siltek®) is the world's most inert coating solution and now available for inert re-deactivation of GC liners.

New for 2014, SilcoTek's growing service offering now includes the cleaning and re-deactivation of used GC inlet liners. SilcoNert® 2000 (Siltek®) is the most inert coating available to the analytical chemistry industry and has forged a new standard of detection levels and analysis of active compounds for any make or model of analytical equipment.

The coating solution that has always been the right choice for the best analysis is now the right choice for your budget, too. Cut costs by having your used liners re-deactivated rather than purchasing brand new ones.

Achieve the lowest levels of detection for:

  • Chlorinated Pesticides (EPA 8081)

  • Semi-Volatile Organics (EPA 8270)

  • OP Pesticides

  • Ammonia

  • NOx and SOx

  • Sulfurs

  • More

Coating the entire sample flow path for your GC is the only way to prevent adsorption and get your entire sample to the column. It all starts with your liners.

Call us today at 814-353-1778 or send an email to for more information. Request a quote for re-deactivating your used liners and start saving!