Use Inert Coatings to Improve Product Performance

May 30 2014 Process Analytical



SilcoTek® customers make the most of their products by using inert coatings to improve performance:

SilcoTek® Customer Core Laboratories offer SilcoNert® 2000 to prevent sulfur and H2S adsorption/loss in their Cryogenic Distillation Unit.  SilcoNert is so effective that Core Laboratories highlight SilcoNert® 2000 (Sulfinert®) as a major feature and key factor in assuring superior instrument sensitivity and durability. 

Core Lab goes on to note: "An important feature of the instrument is that the flow path components have been Sulfinert® (SilcoNert® 2000) treated apart from the pressure transducer. The Sulfinert® (SilcoNert® 2000) treatment reduces losses of Sulphur species due to absorption into the Stainless steel pipe work and components.

Companies like Swagelok, Parker, OI Analytical and many others highlight SilcoTek coatings as a key factor in assuring an inert sample pathway.


Because customers can improve the inertness, durability, moisture resistance, and corrosion resistance of stainless steel, glass, ceramics and alloys without changing materials, instrument design or function. 

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