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Swagelok®, the leader in high quality precision fluid handling components, and its global network of distributors is now partnering with SilcoTek® to better serve an array of customers in research, instrumentation, analytical, process, oil & gas, power, petrochemical and semiconductor industries with high performing and reliable fluid system solutions. 


SilcoNert® 2000 is the world’s most inert coating and required for superior analytical accuracy.  Dursan® is an inert but tough and corrosion resistant coating suited for harsh or abrasive environments.  Contact your local Swagelok distributor for SilcoTek-treated:

  • Valves and Fittings
  • Sample Cylinders
  • Swagelok tubing


Swagelok Fitting


How to Order 

Ordering fittings, valves, sample cylinders and other sample transport components coated with SilcoTek's coatings is easy:

  • add “-12457” to the end of the part number for SilcoNert-coated Swagelok valves and sample cylinders 

  • add "-JA" for SilcoNert-coated Swagelok fittings

  • add "-32266" for Dursan-coated sample cylinders and valves

  • add "-JD" for Dursan-coated fittings

Need to find a Distributor?  

Find Swagelok distributors in your area, remember to ask for SilcoNert coated flowpaths for ultimate inertness.  Ask for Dursan coated flowpaths for improved corrosion resistance, inertness, and durability.

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Need help selecting a coating for your product?  Our Technical Service Staff are here to help you select the best coating for your application.  

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