Corrosion Resistant Coating Properties

Extend Product Life, Prevent Contamination 

SilcoTek® Corrosion Resistant Coatings Improve Product Reliability and Reduce Cost   

SilcoTek corrosion resistant barrier coatings prevent flow path surface interaction with corrosives; extending component life while preventing product contamination.  Our corrosion resistant coatings, Silcolloy®Dursox® and Dursan®, are particularly useful for fighting corrosion in high purity or otherwise sensitive processes in semiconductor, pharmaceutical, research, and complex chemistry applications.  In addition to extending the usable life of precision stainless steel parts, SilcoTek coatings even prevent nano-scale corrosive reactions that can cause metal ion leaching and contamination, ultimately increasing process yield and reducing failure rates.

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Even under extreme conditions found in semiconductor, offshore, refinery and chemical process environments, SilcoTek® coatings significantly improve system performance. 

Dursan corrosion resistant cylinders Coating benefits include:
  • Reduce system maintenance
  • Improve rust prevention
  • Improve process yield
  • Prevent contamination and particulate generation
  • Improve oxidation resistance 


Coating Properties and Resources

SilcoTek® Literature For Corrosion Resistance 

Learn more about SilcoTek® corrosion resistant coatings.  Our inert coatings prevent corrosive attack and extend the life of components by up to 10x or more.  Our coatings reduce maintenance cost, eliminate process contamination, and improve yield.

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Coating Case Studies

Companies turn to SilcoTek® for coating solutions to their most demanding material challenges.  They stay with SilcoTek because our team is dedicated to improving your products and processes.  Our case studies tell the story of how customers in a wide range of industries have benefited from doing business with SilcoTek.

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Solve Difficult Corrosion Problems

SilcoTek coatings help to prevent common corrosion related problems including:

  • Frequent component replacement
  • Process or product contamination problems
  • High maintenance costs
  • Sample probe damage and failure
  • Lost productivity due to excessive downtime

ASTM immersion testing proves SilcoTek® coated stainless steel enhances corrosion resistance by orders of magnitude, matching the performance of super alloys in many applications.  Even after immersion in concentrated hydrochloric acid (below) the Dursan and Silcolloy coated stainless steel coupons continue to perform with minimal corrosion, demonstrating performance comparable to super alloys. 

SilcoTek coatings perform in a variety of corrosive environments including sulfuric acid and bleach.

Comparative Corrosion Summary    
  Stainless Steel Corrosion Rate (mpy) Dursan Coated Stainless Steel (mpy)
6M Hydrochloric Acid, 24 hr exposure 160 1
25% Sulfuric Acid, 24 hr exposure 55 5
52 Week Salt Spray <0.01 <0.01
Bleach 1.7 0.1



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