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Here's what our customers say about our coatings:

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“Silcolloy reduced corrosion 20-fold for each alloy in our testing.”

-Dr. Lawrence Shore, BASF Catalysts


Need to Stop Rust?  SilcoTek® Corrosion Resistant Coatings Improve Reliability, Increase Yield, And Reduce Cost   

SilcoTek's inert, corrosion resistant coatings prevent stainless steel surface interaction with corrosives; extending component life while preventing product contamination.  Our corrosion resistant coatings, Silcolloy®, Dursox™ and Dursan®, conform to high tolerances, allowing coating of components without significant change to dimensions or performance.  Get our Corrosion Brochure to learn more.  Coating wetted pathways significantly improve corrosion resistance and prevent common corrosion related problems.  

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SilcoTek® Coating Benefits

Even under extreme conditions found in semiconductor, offshore, refinery and chemical process environments, SilcoTek® coatings significantly improve system performance.  Results show our coatings will:

Reduce system maintenance

Improve rust prevention

Improve process yield

Prevent contamination

Stop equipment burn-in 



Solve Difficult Corrosion Problems

ASTM immersion testing proves SilcoTek® coated stainless steel enhances corrosion resistance by orders of magnitude, matching the performance of super alloys in many applications.  

          Prevent Corrosion Problems
  • Frequent component replacement

  • Process or product contamination

  • High maintenance costs

  • Frequent sample probe replacement

  • Lost productivity due to excessive downtime

Superior Acid Corrosion Resistance

SilcoTek corrosion resistant coatings outperform super alloys

Watch our CVD coatings fight corrosion and see for yourself how SilcoTek coatings prevent damage to valuable components, improve productivity, and improve process yield.  Our coatings improve corrosion resistance of stainless steel and other metal alloys, but did you know our coatings also prevent aluminum rust and improve aluminum corrosion resistance in a variety of challenging environments?

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