Shepard Industries

Shepard Industries

Shepard Industries is a leading manufacturer of quality HPLC, UHPLC, and chromatography hardware and accessories. Shepard’s full-service fabrication facility and highly experienced staff provide the technology to produce high quality chromatography hardware as well as other products. Shepard’s is a one stop shop from prototype to large quantity production and assembly dedicated to ensuring they meet and exceeded standards to make excellent products.  

Shepard bio-inert HERO columns, powered by our Dursan coating technology provide better analytical results compared to PEEK columns and titanium hardware. Shepard Industries is located just 10 miles from SilcoTek and can provide an efficient, direct source for chromatography companies to get inert-coated products. 

Applications and Benefits

Shepard Industries chose SilcoTek because we offer precision corrosion resistant and bio-inert coating solutions for the most demanding analytical applications. Our inert silicon coatings are the ideal solution to metal free flow paths in HPLC and medical diagnostics applications.

  • Reduce non-specific protein binding and carryover while improving corrosion resistance in clinical diagnostic, biotechnology, and pharma applications
  • Get fast, trusted results, even in extreme pH environments
  • Inert to nearly all buffers and additives used in HPLC
  • Enhances chemical compatibility even with solvents like tetrahydrofuran (THF)
  • Bio-inert Stainless Steel, 25,000 PSI (1,700 bar) pressure rating, holding much higher pressures than any PEEK system
  • UHPLC Modular Chromatography System
  • Any stainless steel product Shepard produces can be converted to bio-compatible!
  • Bio-inert, NSF Certified, and FDA compliant

Click here to see performance data on how Shepard's HERO columns compare to PEEK systems.  

How To Order

To discuss your product needs, email Shepard's at, or you can speak with a representative by calling them at (814) 692-8333.