SSP offers a wide range of American-made tube fittings, pipe fittings, valves and other products for instrumentation, utility and small process applications.  Their modern, vertically integrated facility enables SSP the capacity and flexibility to rapidly respond to customers’ changing needs.  SSP products and services are supported by more than 4000 people and 350 distributors around the world.

Applications and Benefits

SSP chose SilcoTek® as their premier supplier of inert and corrosion resistant coatings because we share their commitment to customer satisfaction.  SilcoNert® and Dursan® coated instrumentation products improve analytical sulfur, mercury, ammonia, and other active compound response in analytical, oil, gas, refinery and petrochemical applications.  SilcoTek high tolerance CVD coatings along with a dedicated technical support staff assure customers get the right fit and the right attitude to be the installer's supplier of choice.  

How To Order

SSP manufactures instrumentation products that meet all industry standards while significantly improving the user installation and replacement process.  Their distributors are carefully selected for their ability to deliver the products, services, and support that you need, with a responsive and resourceful approach to help you achieve your goals.  Go to the SSP website to find a distributor near you, or visit their High Performance Coatings page to learn how SilcoTek and SSP can improve your process.