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What Is SilcoNert?

SilcoNert® is an inert non reactive silicon coating process that makes flow paths inert for better process control, consistent sampling and analytical results. The patented chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process bonds the coating to stainless steel, alloy, ceramic, and glass, making a high tolerance durable coating even under extreme temperatures and pressures.

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Coating Benefits for Analytical & Process Sampling Systems

  • Improve testing reliability- no more retesting
  • Increase lab efficiency- fast response
  • Improved process control- higher quality results
  • Stop duplicating sampling effort
  • Fast, accurate results - the first time, every time
  • Reduce cost and improve plant efficiency
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SiltekLiners_ph_so_lnr_copyTo get the most out of your GC and sampling system, coat all reactive sample flow path components and systems. 


This includes:

Calibration and spec gas delivery systems

  • Gas regulators
  • Tubing
  • Valves

GC components

  • Liners, injection ports, and weldments
  • Detectors & FID jets
  • GC columns
  • Ampules and needles
  • Transfer tubing
  • Valves and fittings
  • Separators and filters

Now labs have the option to deactivate liners, tubing, valves, fittings, injection ports, and virtually the entire sampling and test flow path.    

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