Chemically Inert Coatings For Improving GC and HPLC Analytical Reliability And Performance

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The irregularities we had with our old material are completely gone. We can say it is a complete success. We could restart the delivery of our products. Our customers are now happy again.

                                                        -Ronald Seedorf, Engineering, Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry, Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Ultimate Guide to Reliable Analytical Sampling

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Why An Inert Flow Path Is Critical To Reliable GC & HPLC Sampling And Testing

An inert flow path will prevent adsorption, contamination and loss of active and reactive compounds in gas chromatography and liquid chromatography sampling applications.  Without inert coatings like SilcoNert® and Dursan®, GC and HPLC systems produce inconsistent or substandard results.  


SilcoNert® and Dursan® Benefits

Uncoated active surfaces result in slow response, costly rework, and process failures. SilcoTek® coatings give analysts confidence in the reliability of their sampling system results.  Gas chromatography and liquid chromatography coating benefits include:

  • Eliminate false positive or false negative results
  • Improve process control by eliminating delays in system response
  • Prevent retesting and rework
  • Assure product quality  

Comparative Testing 

SilcoNert 2000 offers part-per-billion sensitivity without costly system redesign or new process development, saving labs time while improving quality.  Field testing or harsh environments like stack testing demand both inertness and durability.  Dursan offers parts-per-million inertness while withstanding corrosive attack.  Making it ideal for process analytical applications.  Comparative testing demonstrates the effectiveness of SilcoNert.  Reactive flow paths (left GC chromatograph) cause peak distortion, lost peaks, and can lead to retesting or test failures.  SilcoNert coated flow paths (right graph) assure complete peak resolution without distortion.    

SilcoTek® coatings improve         performance & prevent common sampling and test problems.
  • Lost peaks
  • Peak tailing
  • Calibration errors
  • Ghost peaks


comparison_surface_5-372853-edited.jpg comparison_surface_4-235654-edited.jpg

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