Advancing Analytical Instrumentation with SilcoTek Coatings at AACC 2023

July 21 2023

AACC23_WebHeader_LogoThe American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo is a conference taking place in Anaheim, CA from July 23-27 at the Anaheim Convention Center. This event brings together laboratory professionals, researchers, and healthcare professionals from around the world to exchange knowledge, present research findings, and showcase the latest advances in clinical chemistry, laboratory medicine, and related fields. The conference typically features scientific sessions, poster presentations, educational workshops, and an exhibition hall where companies showcase their latest products and services related to clinical laboratory science.

Attendees of the AACC Annual Scientific Meeting can expect to learn about cutting-edge research, advancements in laboratory techniques and technologies, and emerging trends in the field. The show provides an opportunity for networking, collaboration, and professional development for laboratory professionals and healthcare practitioners.


How Can SilcoTek Coatings Help Clinical Chemistry?

SilcoTek coatings are related to the field of clinical laboratory science and its application to healthcare. Our coatings are specifically designed to enhance the performance and reliability of analytical instruments used in laboratory settings. SilcoTek specializes in the development and application of advanced coatings that provide inertness, corrosion resistance, and other beneficial properties to various surfaces.

In the context of clinical laboratory science, SilcoTek coatings can be used to enhance the performance of analytical instruments, such as chromatography systems, mass spectrometers, and other laboratory equipment. Our coatings help to minimize sample degradation, improve sensitivity, and reduce interference from unwanted compounds. By applying SilcoTek coatings to critical instrument components, researchers and laboratory professionals can achieve more accurate and reliable analytical results.


Commonly Coated Parts

SilcoTek coatings can be applied to various analytical parts and components used in laboratory instruments. Some common examples of SilcoTek-coated analytical parts include:

    1. Chromatography columns: SilcoTek coatings can be applied to the inner surfaces of chromatography columns, such as gas chromatography (GC) columns and liquid chromatography (LC) columns. These coatings enhance the inertness of the column, reducing analyte adsorption and improving separation efficiency.

    2. Sample introduction systems: SilcoTek coatings can be applied to syringes, needles, and other components used in sample introduction systems for techniques like gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS). The coatings minimize sample adsorption and improve sample transfer efficiency.

    3. Flow paths and fittings: SilcoTek coatings can be applied to flow paths, tubing, valves, and fittings used in analytical instruments. These coatings enhance inertness, reduce corrosion, and minimize adsorption, ensuring accurate and reproducible results.

    4. Mass spectrometer components: SilcoTek coatings can be applied to ionization sources, inlet liners, and other components in mass spectrometers. The coatings improve analyte transfer, reduce matrix effects, and enhance instrument performance and sensitivity.

    5. Sensors and detectors: SilcoTek coatings can be applied to sensors and detectors used in various analytical instruments. These coatings improve the sensor's resistance to fouling, enhance sensitivity, and reduce interference from contaminants.

    6. Sample vials and caps: SilcoTek coatings can be applied to the inner surfaces of sample vials and caps used in sample storage and preparation. The coatings minimize analyte adsorption and improve sample stability.


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