How to improve H2S stability & response in sampling lines & filters?

July 31 2013 Process Analytical

H2S response improved with SilcoNert

A customer recently approached us with a problem.  Their sample system suffered from erratic readings, low stability, loss of H2S readings and long response time.  The customer was sampling through stainless steel tubing and using a glass cooler and ceramic sub micron fritted filter.  The customer wanted to improve H2S stability and response in the sampling lines, filters and cooler.  A complex material solution under difficult process conditions. 

SilcoNert 2000 was selected as the best material solution.  Even under high temperature conditions and a wide range of materials (ranging from stainless steel to ceramics) SilcoNert 2000 bonded to the surface and significantly improved sample response.  SilcoNert 2000 can be applied to glass, ceramic, or stainless steel.  Sub micron filters can be made inert without significant change to filter capability. 

The example below shows how SilcoNert 2000 improves response by 10X or more when sampling H2S, ammonia, mercaptans, sulfurs and other active compounds.  

Mercaptan response improved with SilcoNert

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