Reduce H2S Adsorption in Stainless Steel Filters

August 05 2013 Process Analytical

silconert filter housing resized 600

SilcoTek customer, Classic Filters, uses SilcoNert 2000 to reduce H2S and sulfur adsorption in stainless steel filters.  Why?  Because high durability stainless steel filters have a tremendous amount of adsorptive stainless steel surface area.  That surface area will adsorb or capture H2S, mercaptans, and other sulfur compounds; making analyzers like CEMS (continuous emission monitors) ineffective.  Sulfur adsorption can hold up accurate CEMS measurements by up to 90 minutes or more.  Even in relatively low surface area tubing, adsorption and sample delay can be significant.  In the chart below, SilcoNert 2000 reduces mercaptan sample delay by 90 minutes, compared to uncoated stainless steel.

SilcoNert 2000 prevents adsorption   

That's why customers like Classic Filters use SilcoNert 2000 to improve response and reduce H2S adsorption.