Comparing Sulfur, H2S Performance

August 19 2013 Process Analytical

Sulfur inert sample cylindersSilcoTek customer American Mobile Research Inc. performed a comparative study of sulfur, H2S, and other sulfur species performance in stainless steel, steel, aluminum, PTFE coated, and SilcoNert 2000 treated sample cylinders.  The study shows SilcoNert 2000 treated cylinders demonstrated less sulfur, H2S, and other sulfur species loss over the 72 hour test period.  Untreated sample cylinders showed near total loss of sulfur species after just a few hours.  

This study shows that SilcoNert 2000 is essential for accurate sulfur sampling in: 

  • Oil and gas downhole sampling
  • Refining
  • Product testing
  • Feedstock testing  

The entire study can be viewed on the American Mobile Research Inc. website.

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