How to improve corrosion resistance and reliability of super alloys

September 04 2013 Process Analytical

Ceralink corrosion study 9 4 13

Proven Corrosion Resistance

Ceralink Inc and BASF Catalysts compared HCl corrosion resistance of various alloys.  After 60 tests, Silcolloy® 1000 (Silcosteel®-CR) improved corrosion resistance of super alloys (like Hasteloy-C, Hasteloy-B, T316, C-20, Zr, Ti and Ta) by 20X. 

Silcolloy® 1000 can be applied to many alloys and ceramics without significantly changing part tolerance or durability.  Because Silcolloy 1000 is a silicon coating, it prevents metal leaching and corrosion in sensitive processes such as:

  • Semiconductor/electronics manufacturing
  • Catalyst manufacturing and testing
  • Medical diagnostics
  • Gas chromatography
  • Materials research and UHV systems
  • High purity processes and instrumentation

Silcolloy improves processes and products by extending product life, preventing product contamination, improving sample accuracy, and reducing product manufacturing and material cost.

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