Coatings Improve Hydrophobicity And Moisture Resistance

October 31 2013 Process Analytical

By Dr. David Smith

Contact angle comparison

SilcoTek® is currently developing a new CVD deposition specifically designed to be highly hydrophobic, oleophobic, and thermally and oxidatively stable.

This type of coating should find application opportunities where high hydrophobicity is necessary,  

  • Semiconductor Processing
  • Corrosion resistance
  • UHV/research
  • Moisture Testing
  • Environmental/Analytical Testing
  • Antifouling and Anticoking applications
  • Catalyst development

Using Dursan® chemistry as a foundation, a prototype material has been developed to exhibit the highest level of hydrophobicity and oleophobicity of any SilcoTek coating.  Tensiometer data showed an average advancing water contact angle of 125.1° and an average receding of 93.6°.  Average equilibrium contact angle was 146.7° for a rough surface and 112.1° for a mirror surface.


Water droplet photographs illustrate the progression from hydrophilic to hydrophobic surfaces on the rough surface coupons.  The extreme case for the Dursan prototype generated a contact angle of 163°.

Improve hydrophobicity with SilcoTek Coatings
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