How To Make Surfaces Hydrophobic & Oloephobic (Water Repelling Coating)

May 05 2017 Hydrophobicity & Moisture Resistance

dursan hydrophobic oleophobic coating


How to improve surface flow path hydrophobicity and oleophobicity in high temperature analytical applications?  SilcoTek® answered the challenge by developing a high temperature moisture and oil repelling coating able to remain stable at temperatures of 300c and higher.  Read the complete presentation.

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SilcoTek coated a diamond like coating (DLC) with our unique hydrophobic and oleophobic coating and compared the moisture and oil stability after high temperature exposure.  The SilcoTek coated surface performed significantly better in contact angle testing.  


New Coating Hydrophobic and Oleophobic


An Unexpected Result

SilcoTek achieved significant improvement in hydrophobicity and oleophobicity compared to the uncoated DLC surface.  More impressively, the new coating remained stable when exposed to high temperatures for and improved dry friction performance after oxidative high temperature exposure in dry N2.  Results are tabulated below.  

friction comparison 5 2 17.jpg

SilcoTek® coatings are the ideal hydrophobic and oleophobic solution to challenging environments.  Applications include:

Refinery_3_edited-1.jpg-  Analytical sampling
-  Refining/petrochemical
-  Oil and Gas exploration and transport
-  Automotive
-  Aerospace


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SilcoTek's inert, high durability, high tolerance coatings can be applied to precision components used in the most demanding environments:

  • Fuel injectors
  • Nozzles
  • Probes
  • Separators
  • Downhole tools
  • Precision tubing
  • Fritted filters
  • Regulators

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