SilcoTek is Attending SEMICON West July 11-13 in San Francisco

July 07 2023

SilcoTek's Jim Mattzela and Nik Snyder will be attending SEMICON West on July 11-13 in San Francisco, CA at the Mascone Center. Please come visit with us in booth #233


This year, SEMICON West is tackling the crucial issues faced by the global microelectronics industry and providing a platform for professionals to come together and find innovative solutions. The three key priorities they highlighted, which will be integrated into the event's daily themes, include Supply Chain Disruptions, Climate Change, and Talent Shortages. Let's delve deeper into each of these priorities:

  1. Supply Chain Disruptions: The microelectronics industry heavily relies on a complex global supply chain to source materials, components, and equipment. Any disruptions in this supply chain can have far-reaching effects on production, delivery schedules, and overall industry growth. At SEMICON West, participants will engage in discussions to explore strategies for mitigating these disruptions, such as diversifying suppliers, enhancing visibility and transparency in the supply chain, and exploring local sourcing options.

  2. Climate Change: The semiconductor industry, like many others, recognizes the critical importance of addressing climate change and reducing its environmental impact. This priority focuses on fostering sustainable practices, enhancing energy efficiency, and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions throughout the lifecycle of microelectronic products. Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss groundbreaking innovations in green manufacturing processes, recycling and waste management, and the development of eco-friendly materials.

  3. Talent Shortages: A skilled and diverse workforce is imperative for the microelectronics industry to drive innovation and sustain its growth. However, there is often a shortage of talent with the necessary technical skills and knowledge. SEMICON West aims to tackle this challenge by providing ample opportunities for networking, recruitment, and talent development. The event will feature stimulating panel discussions, insightful workshops, and informative presentations on attracting and retaining talent, promoting diversity and inclusion, and fostering educational partnerships.

By seamlessly incorporating these three industry priorities into the daily themes of the event, SEMICON West endeavors to create a comprehensive platform where attendees can actively engage, learn, and forge new business opportunities. The event will offer a diverse range of interactive sessions, captivating exhibitions, and valuable networking opportunities to address these pressing challenges and pave the way for a successful future for the global microelectronics industry.


Experience in the Industry 

SilcoTek has worked with Samsung to develop a coating that allows for metal-free pathways in scrubber and gas exhaust systems. SilcoTek's new Siltride coating (coming soon!) is a hydrogenated amorphous silicon oxynitride (a-SiOXNY:H) barrier coating that protects both your equipment and the sample's integrity. Read more about how SilcoTek's coatings can provide a metal-free surface for your costly and sensitive equipment. 


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Look for the smiling faces of our semiconductor industry experts in booth 233:

Snyder, Nik

Nik Snyder


Jim Mattzela

This year's exhibition hours are: 

  • Tuesday | July 11 | 10am5pm
  • Wednesday | July 12 | 10am5pm
  • Thursday | July 13 | 10am4pm 

SilcoTek is in BOOTH 233

SEMI West 23


We can't wait to connect with you! If you would like to set up a time to chat, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at or with Jim or Nik directly.


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