High Purity Coatings, The Secret Weapon in Semiconductor Manufacturing

December 12 2014


Semiconductor manufacturers are now employing a new “secret weapon” in the never ending quest for improved performance and yields. As 14 nm semiconductor production ramps up, elimination of process impurities become exponentially more critical. SilcoTek® high purity coatings solve the contamination problem by bonding high purity silicon to intricate surfaces in plasma etch systems like showerheads, fittings and tubing.

Superior Corrosion Protection

SilcoTek® coatings improve corrosion resistance 8x or more, preventing reactive etch gases from corroding flow path surfaces and ultimately contaminating the wafer surface.




Seeing Is Believing

Contamination of semicon etch streams is a potential major yield issue.  Immersion of coated and uncoated 316 stainless steel coupons in highly corrosive hydrochloric acid demonstrates how quickly a process stream can become contaminated.  The clear container shows no contamination while the green liquid shows severe leaching of metal ions after only 24 hours of exposure.

Dursan_corrosion_9_11_14_edited-1 Super_duplex_corrosion_9_11_14_edited-1
SilcoTek coated Uncoated


SilcoTek® coatings are compatible with commonly used chemicals used in semicon manufacturing process streams.  See the complete list:

Semiconductor Compatibility


 Learn more about how SilcoTek coatings improve semiconductor yield.

SilcoTek's semiconductor R&D team has recently developed a modification to our Dursan® coating that is tailored specifically to semiconductor manufacturers.  The carbon element of the original Dursan is almost fully removed, yielding a thin but durable silicon oxide (SiO) layer that prevents both erosion and corrosion in manufacturing processes.

  • Insulative and chemically stable, minimizing loss

  • Highly resistant to ozone

  • Uniform, thin CVD layer for maximum performance

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