SilcoTek Presents Metal Leaching Solutions at SLAS Exhibition 2024

February 02 2024 bio-medical



From February 3rd through the 7th, SilcoTek's Luke Patterson and Patrick Dick will be attending the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) Exhibition in Boston, MA at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Additionally, Dr. Jesse Bischof will be presenting his poster, Improved Biomolecular Analysis with Inert CVD Coating that Prevents Metal Interactions and Non-Specific Protein Binding, at SLAS 2024 on Tuesday, February 6th from 2-3 PM in Exhibit Halls AB. Please look for these smiling faces in the crowd! 


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Luke Patterson Patrick Dick Dr. Jesse Bischof



As the scientific community eagerly anticipates the upcoming SLAS Exhibition which will address challenges in analytical systems, SilcoTek's focus is on mitigating metal ion leaching, a common issue in the field. Dr. Jesse Bischof will be featuring Dursan® coating through chemical vapor deposition (CVD) in his poster presentation. 

The SLAS Exhibition is known for showcasing cutting-edge technologies, and this year is no different. In analytical instrumentation, challenges related to metal ion leaching, especially with stainless steel equipment, have been prevalent. SilcoTek's Dursan coating brings a fresh perspective to this long-standing problem.


Insights from Metal Leaching Studies:

The poster presentation dives into an investigation of metal leaching into critical solvents, quantified using ICP-MS. The findings highlight that CVD coatings, particularly Dursan, can effectively reduce metal leaching concentrations to zero. This result not only addresses challenges but offers a promising solution for enhancing sensitivity in diagnostic and analytical systems.


Comparative Analysis:

What makes this research stand out is its direct comparison between SilcoTek-coated hardware and traditional steel hardware in sample separations with metal-active compounds. These coatings act as a protective shield, minimizing metal leaching and providing a viable alternative for systems requiring heightened sensitivity.


Metal ion data summary


Oligonucleotide Recovery and Protein Fouling Resistance:

As attendees explore SLAS, they'll discover the implications of this innovation in oligonucleotide recovery and resistance to non-specific protein binding. The efficiency of coated surfaces, especially with Dursan, promises increased reliability and performance in clinical diagnostic applications.


The SLAS Exhibition serves as a platform for transformative innovations, and this study promises to capture attention and spark discussions among scientists and industry experts. As we anticipate the impact of Dr. Bischof's research, the future of analytical systems looks brighter. SilcoTek will highlight Dursan's capabilities and open the door to further developments in metal ion leaching and non-specific protein binding. 


Come see us in booth #977! Click HERE to see where! 


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