SilcoTek is Excited for Analytica Conference 2024 in Munich

April 05 2024 SilcoTek

Analytica conference is one of the leading event in the field of data analysis, biotechnology, and other related industries. The conference will feature presentations, workshops, and discussions covering a wide range of topics such as chemical analysis, biotechnology, diagnostics, food analysis, sustainability, quality control, and pharma. Attendees include professionals from various industries, researchers, academics, and technology enthusiasts. The conference provides a platform for networking, learning about the latest advancements in analytics, and exchanging ideas with experts in the field. It often showcases cutting-edge tools, methodologies, and case studies that demonstrate the practical applications of analytics in different domains. Analytica conference serves as a valuable resource for staying updated on trends and innovations in the rapidly evolving field of data analysis and research. 


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In attandance will be SilcoTek GmbH's Johannes Kuett (left), accompanied by Clay Smith (right) from our Bellefonte, PA location. Please look for these friendly faces in hall A2, booth 223 and introduce yourself! 


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New From SilcoTek in HPLC

At SilcoTek, we've done an investigation of metal leaching into critical solvents, quantified using ICP-MS. The findings highlight that CVD coatings, particularly Dursan, can effectively reduce metal leaching concentrations to zero. This result not only addresses challenges but offers a promising solution for enhancing sensitivity in diagnostic and analytical systems. What makes this research stand out is its direct comparison between SilcoTek-coated hardware and traditional steel hardware in sample separations with metal-active compounds. These coatings act as a protective shield, minimizing metal leaching and providing a viable alternative for systems requiring heightened sensitivity.


Metal ion data summary


"Where is the laboratory industry heading?"

We are looking forward to an exciting Analytica show in Munich which brings together the industry leaders of the laboratory community. The SilcoTek booth staff invites all customers, partners and interested people to visit us at our booth and to spend 4 exciting days together with us in Munich. We would love the chance to talk to you about how SilcoTek coatings can help you get there! Visit us at our booth 223 in hall A2 (see below map of section A2 for booth location). 


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*Schedule a meeting at our booth and we can provide you a free entry ticket for the show. Please send your meeting and ticket request to or call +49 / (0) 6172-388410.


Can't make it to Analytica this year but have questions for SilcoTek's coating experts? Contact us!