SilcoTek's Pittcon 2024 Recap!

March 01 2024 SilcoTek

Let's recap Pittcon 2024! 5 SilcoTek team members attended the 75th annual Pittcon last week. We had so many of our customers in attendance and several had SilcoTek coated parts on display! 

Luke Pat Ash Jesse Pete 2024

Left to Right: Dr. Jesse Bischof, Luke Patterson, Pete Con, Ashley Barlett, and Patrick Dick at Pittcon 2024 at the SilcoTek booth.


Symposium Success

Dr. Jesse Bischof facilitated a successful symposium on Surface Modifications and Coatings in Chromatography. The symposium featured talks from a few speakers that are familiar with surface modifications. Our own Clay Smith spoke on the history of SilcoTek and our coatings. Markes International's Helen Martin then discussed thermal desorption and how inert surfaces provide an ideal environment for applications from breath biopsies to hydrogen fuel analysis. After Helen, Dr. Seth Lyman of the Bingham Research Center at Utah State talked about analyses performed via gas chromatography for air quality and environmental. Lastly, Dr. Diego Lopez of Restek discussed new uses for coated hardware in liquid chromatography, specifically focusing on cannabis and mushroom alkaloid analysis. 

Jesse symposium Pittcon 2024   Seth Lyman Pittcon 2024

On the left, Dr. Bischof talks about metal ion leaching and on the right, Dr. Lyman presenting trace level oxidized mercury measurement methods. 


Networking Event Dinner with CACA

The Chinese American Chromatography Association (CACA) hosted a networking dinner event on Monday night, at which SilcoTek's Luke Patterson spoke about SilcoTek's coating solutions. CACA is a group of professionals that share scientific technical information and experiences as well as interact and develop relationships with other Chinese separation scientists globally. 


Luke CACA 24


And now for our customers... Check out some of SilcoTek's customers who had coated parts on display at their Pittcon 2024 booths:


Nutech Restek   Nutech


Analytical Flow Products 




Gerstel canister



YMC Accura Triart Column


Markes International

Markes 2-1   Markes-1


These are just a few of SilcoTek's customers who had our coatings on display at their Pittcon booth. We had a great time connecting with everyone and enjoyed getting to meet some new faces as well. Thanks for another successful Pittcon! 


Were you unable to make it to Pittcon this year? Contact us today!