What's SilcoTek Talking About At Pittcon 2018

February 16 2018 LC & GC Chromatography

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From our first coating, Silcosteel®, to SilcoNert®, Dursan® and Dursox®, our coatings have helped customers improve analytical sensitivity and performance.  Customers in process, analytical, oil & gas, semiconductor, automotive and many more applications have benefited from our coating technology.  Here's what we're talking about this year at Pittcon 2018 in Orlando.  

Spoiler alert!  We're talking about the benefits of our new fluoro based coating as well as how Dursan® can improve HPLC and medical diagnostic bioinert flow paths.  You should go to Pittcon to chat with our SilcoTek® staff to learn more about our coatings.  (Not to get a break from the cold weather, who me? Never!)



HPLC and Medical Diagnostics, Metal Free HPLC.

Now you can count HPLC and pharma analytical applications to our list of applications that benefit from our coatings.  This year at Pittcon we're talking metal free flow paths for HPLC coatings and bio technology benefits.  Did you know you can eliminate many of the problems caused by a metal flow path with inert coatings like Dursan?  In fact, you can improve the bioinertness, sensitivity, accuracy and yield of LC and HPLC instrumentation by coating metal flow paths with Dursan.

  • Stop test errors caused by sample carryover
  • Prevent corrosion
  • Lower cost-per-sample

Learn More About  Bio-Inert Coatings

Biomolecule testing like protein, peptide, carbohydrate and lipid analysis can benefit from an inert flowpath.  Dursan® is a very low surface energy, bioinert coating designed to reduce non-specific protein binding and carryover while improving corrosion resistance in biotechnology, HPLC and pharma applications.

With the assistance of a non ionic surfactant-containing wash solution, Dursan® was found to facilitate 100% removal of adsorbed proteins (BSA, mouse IgG and NHP), the same proteins remain adsorbed on the bare stainless steel surface.




Stop Protein Binding And Corrosion On Stainless Steel Surfaces

Dursan® benefits protein testing 3 ways:

1. Very low protein carryover

  • Dursan® significantly reduced protein binding compared to uncoated stainless steel and an amorphous fluoropolymer.

2. Beneficial to surfactants

  • Facilitated 100% removal of tested proteins.  The same wash solution had no effect on protein loading on bare stainless steel.     

3. Corrosion resistance means high purity

  • Comparison studies between Dursan® and stainless steel show the high purity Dursan surface prevented ion contamination and corrosive attack from bleach and other commonly used cleaning agents.


Click here to learn more or visit SilcoTek in booth #2113 to see how we're changing the game in liquid chromatography to create a new standard of performance.


About our new fluoro coating

We recently developed a new fluoro chemistry based coating that proved to be super hydrophobic with anti fouling or non stick properties. 

Learn How to Improve  Injection Mold Performance   

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To demonstrate the super hydrophobic nature of the new fluoro coating, Dr. Smith (our R&D director) sprayed water on the coating to see if the water wetted the surface.  The water stream bounced off the coated part without getting the surface wet, showing excellent moisture resistance.  Watch our video to see how the new fluoro coating resists moisture.

The low energy of the fluoro surface makes for a super hydrophobic surface, making a 160 degree contact angle.  Because of that low surface energy, we found another application for the coating.

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hydrophobic and corrosion resistant coatings.


Hydrophobicity, check, but what else can the coating do?

Well we're not sure about all the potential uses, but we're finding great success in plastic mold release applications.  It turns out the coating promotes better release of product from plastic molds and can prevent fouling in some applications. 

Learn How to Improve  Injection Mold Performance

Here are some mold release benefits of Dursan and our new fluoro surface:

  • Better wear resistance for higher durability, and erosion prevention.
  • Higher lubricity to improve operation of moving cores and slides and improved resin flow for reduced energy cost and wear.
  • Prevents contamination by oxidation by products in medical and electronic applications.
  • Visual inspection of the surface signals coating loss without precision measurement. 
  • Mold complexity does not significantly impact coating price. 
  • Eliminate Diamond finish release problems by improving surface lubricity.  

If you want to learn more about fouling prevention and mold release read the latest article in AZOM: 

Improving and Protecting Industrial Applications With Anti-Fouling CVD Coatings

Contact our Technical Service Team and we'll be happy to discuss details about the coating. 

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