Tier 3 Emissions Standards Are Coming, Are You Ready?

July 30 2014 Process Analytical


The US Environmental Protection Agency is finalizing new passenger car and truck emissions regulations.  Starting in 2017 through 2025, Tier 3 will set new passenger car and truck emission standards and lowers sulfur content in fuel.  Under the proposed regulation, gasoline sulfur content will be reduced from 30ppm to 10ppm.  Read the Proposed Tier 3 Standard.   The rule will significantly reduce overall vehicle emissions:


Refinery operations may need to upgrade sulfur sample systems to improve sulfur analysis, inertness and sensitivity in order to comply with new Tier 3 regulations.  As target sulfur content decreases, the practices and systems used to monitor low level sulfur become more problematic.  Sample methods like priming, or short duration/high flow rate exposure to stainless steel surfaces previously successful at 30ppm may not yield effective results at 10ppm. 

Components in refinery sampling susceptible to sulfur adsorption are:

  • Probes
  • Tubing
  • Metal filters
  • Sample Cylinders
  • Regulators
  • Fittings
  • Valves

SilcoNert® 2000.  The most effective surface for low level sulfur inert sampling and transfer.

SilcoNert® 2000 is an inert coating that virtually eliminates surface adsorption of active chemicals.  SilcoNert 2000 prevents:

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