SilcoTek® Coated Products From Premier Industries

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Premier Industries is a specialty manufacturer of pressure reducing regulators, back pressure regulators, gas regulators, valves, manifolds, and torches. Their products are designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested right here in the United States.

Choosing Premier Industries SilcoNert® or Dursan® coated products add unmatched inertness, corrosion resistance and performance:

  • High Temperature (450ºC)
  • Fast response

SilcoTek® coated, inert & corrosion resistant Premier Sampling Cylinders are designed to provide exceptional sample reliability and response while offering a safe and reliable solution for a variety of liquid and gas storage applications. 



Ultimate inertness

SilcoNert® coated sample cylinders prevent adsorption of active compounds.  Assuring accurate, reliable process and environmental sampling the first time, every time.


Common applications include:

  • Sampling for gas chromatography
  • Hydrocarbon and sulfur sampling in upstream, refineries & petrochemical plants
  • Snubbers in reactive feed lines
  • Condensate sampling in fossil fuel and nuclear power plants

Improved corrosion resistance

SilcoTek® coated Premier sampling cylinders feature seamless stainless steel construction, allowing for consistent wall thickness/internal volume, and increased corrosion resistance and integrity.



All cylinders have 1/4-18” NPT connections on each end, which integrate seamlessly with Premier’s SilcoTek coated stainless steel inlet and outlet shut off valves.

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