SilcoTek® Coated Products From United Filtration Systems

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United Filtration Systems is a leading worldwide supplier of high efficiency filters for a variety of industries and applications. United Filtration Systems' goal is to provide the industrial market place with competent, competitive and timely filter solutions. With a wide choice of standard designs in an assortment of materials, their comprehensive range of filter housings enable greater flexibility for customers. The development of new products is client driven, which ensures continual improvement of UFS capabilities. 

Choosing UFS SilcoNert® 2000 coated products add unmatched analytical inertness and performance:

  • Improved sulfur testing response
  • High Temperature capable (450ºC)

SilcoTek® coated filtration products from UFS are designed to provide exceptional sample reliability and response while offering a reliable high temperature solution for analytical, stack sampling CEMS, and other emissions and process applications. 

Ultimate inertness

SilcoNert® 2000 coated UFS filters prevent adsorption and interaction of mercury, sulfur or reactive compounds with with stainless steel surfaces, assuring accurate, reliable process and environmental sampling the first time, every time.



Common applications include:

  • Sampling for gas chromatography
  • Continuous emission Monitoring (CEMS)
  • Automotive emissions testing
  • Process sampling
  • Moisture monitoring & control
  • Mercury sampling

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