Chemically Inert CVD Coatings For Improving Analytical & Process Sampling


SilcoTek® offers CVD coating solutions to make your analytical and sampling systems perform better.  Our chemically inert coatings improve test accuracy and reliability by preventing chemical reactions between the sample and flow path surface. Get the right coating solution for your process and products.  Click on the icon below to get the right solution for all your sampling needs.


 Analytical sampling


H2S and sulfur analysis


Mercury and ammonia 

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Sample Transfer 


Improve results and sampling reliability!  Get the Ultimate Guide to Reliable Analytical Sampling.

Ultimate Guide to Reliable Analytical Sampling

Why An Inert Flow Path Is Critical To Reliable GC & HPLC Sampling And Testing

An inert flow path will prevent adsorption, contamination and loss of active and reactive compounds in gas chromatography and liquid chromatography sampling applications.  Without inert coatings like SilcoNert® and Dursan®, GC and HPLC systems produce inconsistent or substandard results.  Adding a GC coating or HPLC coating to the flow path will prevent surface to sample interaction, assuring the entire sample is analyzed.  


SilcoNert® and Dursan® Benefits

Uncoated active surfaces result in slow response, costly rework, and process failures. Non reactive surfaces like SilcoNert and Dursan give analysts confidence in the reliability of their sampling system results.  Gas chromatography and liquid chromatography coating benefits include:

  • Eliminate false positive or false negative results
  • Improve process control by eliminating delays in system response
  • Prevent retesting and rework
  • Assure product quality  


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