Coating Solutions For Mercury And Ammonia Sampling


Here's what our customers say about our coatings:

"The coatings have been working perfectly! They have opened up the possibilities of making intricate metal pieces chemically inert to allow us to transport electronically excited gases. In the past, we were limited to using brittle quartz tubes and fittings; now we can use all Silcosteel coated stainless steel parts."

Tim Ombrello,
Princeton University

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Ultimate Guide to Reliable Analytical Sampling

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How Inert coatings improve sampling reliability.  

Continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) and sorbent tube samplers are often degraded or compromised by the loss of mercury species and ammonia on reactive sampling surfaces.  Reactions and adsorption on inner surfaces of transfer and monitoring equipment cause significant failures in system reliability.  An inert flow path will prevent stainless steel surface interaction with active and reactive compounds during sampling and transfer.

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SilcoNert®  Benefits

Even under extreme conditions found in stack, refinery, flare and downhole environments, SilcoTek® coatings significantly improve ammonia and mercury sampling response. 

Benefits include:

  • Reliable and true results (no false positive or negative results)
  • Eliminate delays in system response due to adsorption
  • Prevent retesting and rework
  • Assure emissions compliance and product quality 


 Without an inert coating like SilcoNert®, analyzers will produce inconsistent or substandard results, such as:

  • Erratic calibration
  • Long delays in response 
  • Erroneous results
  • False positive or negative readings
  • Calibration problems
  • Flow path adsorption or lost sample


See for yourself how SilcoTek coatings improve productivity, increase analytical accuracy and increase process yield.  Watch our video!


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