Founded in response to the need of OEMs and end users for better quality products that come with a higher level of applications and technical support, providing a viable alternative to existing suppliers. AFP's well-proven technology portfolio, driven by customer demands and needs for innovation (19 patents and patents pending in 7 years), shows their commitment for continuous improvement.

Applications and Benefits

Choosing AFP Dursan® and SilcoNert® 2000coated products add unmatched inertness, corrosion resistance and performance:

Common applications include:

  • Sampling for gas chromatography
  • Analytical instrumentation
  • Process sampling
  • Hydrocarbon measurement

How To Order

All valves and fittings are manufactured in North America under strict conditions. AFP valves can be customized to perfectly fit of the customer application. Contact AFP to help with product selection and technical product information.  Or go to their web store to shop for SilcoNert coated fittings, SilcoNert coated tubing, and SilcoNert coated valves. 

You can also upgrade your existing AFP valves with state-of-the-art SilcoNert coated valve components and Dursan coated valve components.