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"So often you get bounced to and from departments that you forget why you were calling. Not the case with you guys, you made us feel you were with us all throughout the project. I would not hesitate to recommend SilcoTek and your amazing team."

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How Inert, Sulfur & Corrosion Resistant Coatings Prevent Contamination And Sample Loss 

SilcoTek's ultra-inert, high durability, corrosion resistant coatings prevent surface interaction with critical flow path fluids during sample transfer.  SilcoTek coatings prevent contamination of process and test fluids and extend the life of high purity gases & liquids.  

SilcoTek Coating benefits:

Even under extreme pressure and temperature, SilcoTek® coatings significantly improve performance.  Coating benefits include:

  • Improve sample cylinder durability and corrosion resistance
  • Prevent refining catalyst damage, sample low level sulfur contamination
  • Eliminate permeability and porosity issues associated with PTFE
  • Know your Product!
    • Accurate grading of refining & process feedstock.
    • Store oil and gas samples for long periods without risk of sample loss.
    • Eliminate false or erroneous readings
    • Accurate downhole sampling with fast response.

 SilcoTek sample cylinder coating and sample flow path coatings improve yield, and efficiency in a wide variety of applications:

  • Specialty gas 
  • Downhole sampling
  • Hydrocarbon processing
  • Natural gas sampling and transport
  • Semiconductor manufacturing gas delivery

SilcoNert® 2000 and Dursan® coated sample cylinders, sample cylinder valves, and dip tubes allow precise fluid sampling and delivery with unsurpassed reliability, durability, and precision.  Our coatings are non adsorptive to active and reactive compounds like:

  • H2S
  • Mercaptans
  • COS
  • SOx
  • Ammonia
  • Mercury
  • NOx
  • VOC's
SilcoTek Inertness Response Graph


Watch our video and see for yourself how our inert coating improves sample holding and transfer.  

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