How to Ship Parts To SilcoTek For Custom Coating Service


Step 1: click here, email or call +1 (814) 353-1778 to request a quote

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Step 2: receive shipping instructions document from SilcoTek with a unique order/RMA number


Please read our process overview for more details about how to request a quote and ship your parts to SilcoTek for coating service.

Domestic Shipments
SilcoTek Corporation
225 PennTech Drive
Bellefonte, PA 16823

Customer is responsible for all shipping, fees and taxes as required

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International Shipments
Customer is responsible for all shipping, customs fees, duties, and taxes.

SilcoTek customs broker Contact Ship to:
RL Swearer
115 McLaughlin Road
Moon Township, PA 15108-3819
Chuck McAfee
SilcoTek Corporation
225 PennTech Drive
Bellefonte, PA 16823


  • Customer packaging is only re-used for return shipping upon request.  If, at receipt, incoming packaging is deemed inadequate for secure shipping, SilcoTek will use new packaging to ensure coated parts are returned safely.

  • Please be sure to package heavy parts to avoid any part-to-part contact that may result in damage to your parts in transportation.

  • Please inform us of any special handling requirements you may have for your parts.

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Terms and Conditions

Go to our Terms and Conditions Page to review payment terms, warranty, intellectual property, and other information.

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Do parts Gall when coated?

Galling can occur when two parts of similar material are connected under compression and the heat generated "cold welds" the parts together. Customers have observed Galling when two Silco'd treated compression fittings or NPT fittings are assembled. For that reason SilcoTek does not recommend coating the nuts or ferrules from compression fittings and recommends that the coating either be removed with Scotch Brite or Teflon tape when two NPT fittings are connected.

If both mating parts must be coated, then SilcoTek recommends using anti Seize compounds made from Silver, Moly or Nickel: For sample cylinder applications refer to the instructions pertaining to the use of Teflon tape on the valve NPT prior to installation

For more information on anti Seize compounds go to:

For more information on Galling please go to:

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Nuts / Ferrules

  • It has been noted that coated ferrules used in conjunction with coated tubing unions offer the opportunity for a leak.
  • It has been noted that tube sections sent for coating with pre-seated ferrules offer the opportunity for leaks. Please send tubing sections without nuts and ferrules pre-set.

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Coiled Tubing

  • Coiled tubing is processed internally only and requires that we attach process leads to each end using standard Swagelok fittings, nuts and ferrules to attain a gas-tight seal. Please allow an extra six inches of tubing on both ends for us for processing and to remove the nuts and ferrules after processing. Tubing ends will be cut with a standard tubing cutter after processing and capped for return shipment.
  • Coiled tubing that is processed internally will be returned to you with the outside of the tubing appearing brown. This change in color is due to the processing and is oxidation of the exterior caused by exposure to high temperatures.
  • Please send tubing wound on metal spools or bound by wire ties. Do not send tubing wound on wooden spools or bound by plastic ties since they will be damaged or burnt during high temperature processing

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Valves and Regulators

  • SilcoTek will coat all stainless steel wetted surfaces of your disassembled valve. Please only send stainless steel components that will be coated.
  • Please be sure to remove all Teflon seats or o-rings. Please be sure to protect critical surfaces during transport to SilcoTek.
  • Please be sure to check internal cavities for pressed in Teflon seals that need to be removed before coating.

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  • When cleaning a treated part, rinse with a solvent compatible with the contaminants you intend to remove (i.e., use non-polar solvents with hydrocarbon surface contaminants, more polar solvents with more active contaminants). Do not use basic solutions with pH>8.
  • Avoid using cleaners containing abrasives as they can scratch the layer. Mild sonication may assist in contaminant removal, but do not oversonicate—this could damage the layer.
  • Avoid steam cleaning of components and lines as this can damage the layer.

Do I need to pre-clean my parts prior to sending them to SilcoTek for coating?
Your parts go through an aqueous surface preparation step by SilcoTek prior to processing. Additional pre-cleaning by the customer is often unnecessary and at times can be detrimental to our coating process.

In order to provide the highest quality coating and fastest processing; notify SilcoTek of any prior chemical exposure (regardless of weather the part is new or used). Chemicals like cutting oils, pickling acids, solvents, water based cleaning compounds or other hazardous or non hazardous chemicals may impact the coating process. Many times the customer's cleaning process or chemical exposure can be eliminated, saving the customer time and money. Before sending parts to SilcoTek, contact your SilcoTek representative at or call us at (814) 353-1778

Download Chemical exposure checklist

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