True Tube EPS or Risk Seeing Analyzer Samples Less

December 06 2013 Process Analytical


SilcoTek® Direct Line partner Ametek/O'Brien offer a helpful tube selection guide for sampling transport and analysis.

 The guide outlines key factors affecting sample transport and analysis.

  • Adsorption
  • Porosity
  • Cleanliness
  • Corrosion
  • Surface roughness

Ametek/O'Brien chose SilcoNert® 2000 and Dursan® to improve performance and reduce adsorption, porosity, cleanliness, and corrosion.  SilcoTek products play a significant role in improving sample transport and analyzer performance.  SilcoNert 2000 coated True Tube, shows no H2S (sulfur adsorption) after 4 days exposure.

O'Brien Tube Selection Guide

SilcoNert® 2000 and Dursan® also are recommended for low level ammonia, mercury analysis and corrosive applications. 



O%27Brien tube comparison 2

Read the SilcoTek guide and learn how to select the best coating for your sampling, transport, and analytical application.  You can read the entire Ametek guide to better select materials to improve your system.