Going to Pittcon? Stop By Our Booth And Learn About Inert Coatings

March 05 2015 Chemical Inertness


Curious about how inert coatings can improve the performance of GC, LC and other analytical instruments?  Stop by our booth # 1036 at Pittcon in New Orleans next week and chat with our coating experts. 

Surface activity and poor inertness from poorly deactivated surfaces can cause peak loss, peak distortion or poor test repeatability.  SilcoNert® 2000 can improve GC and LC performance 3 ways. 


  • Reduce signal loss and improve sensitivity
  • Eliminate peak tailing and improve separation
  • Stop adsorption of active compounds

SilcoTek® inert coatings help the analyst achieve the lowest levels of detection and inertness for:

  • Chlorinated pesticides (EPA 8081)
  • Semi-volatile Organics (EPA 8270)
  • OP pesticides
  • Ammonia NOx and SOx
  • Sulfurs

SilcoNert® improves system response by up to 50% compared to other inert coatings.


See for yourself!  Check out our sampling video.

SilcoTek® helps to take the pain out of sampling.  Assuring high quality, consistent results. 

Find out more by Visiting us at Pittcon booth # 1036!  Or see us at a show near you.

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