Can Inert Coatings Stand Up To Chemical Process Environments?

June 12 2015 Process Analytical


Can you help us with a problem?  Technical Service gets a lot of calls from chemical and petrochemical plant operators asking that question.  Usually material failures, quality issues, or high replacement costs have driven plant engineers to search for a solution.  They're looking for a coating that will withstand a long list of challenging operating conditions.

Typical plant conditions are:
  • High operating pressure, several thousand psi
  • Low leakage rate, <2x10-8 atm cc/sec He
  • Precision surfaces with very low ra surface roughness
  • High temperature exceeding 500c
  • Cryogenic temperatures
  • High particulate/wear environment
  • Exposure to corrosive liquids and gases
  • High purity/ low contamination requirements

After discussing parameters with the plant engineer, our response to their request is usually yes, we can help. 

Companies serving the chemical process industry like Parker, Swagelok and Air Liquide offer SilcoTek® coated products because we've earned the reputation of offering the most inert, durable, corrosion resistant coating available.  Our products are exposed to harsh chemical process environments worldwide, and continue to deliver superior inert, corrosion resistant high durability performance.  Download sampling presentation from Sentry Equipment.

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Here's why some of the largest and best known suppliers to the chemical process industry choose SilcoTek® coatings.


Improved Corrosion Resistance:

 Silcolloy® and Dursan® offer improved corrosion resistance to many corrosive chemicals.  Process engineers specify our coatings for high value, high precision applications like instrument components, probes, instrument feed lines, sensor bodies, and other sampling and transfer components.


High Pressure Capability:


Under pressure SilcoTek's CVD surface will flex with metal substrates, allowing ultra high pressure systems of 40,000 psi and more to be treated and continue to meet operating requirements. 


Reduced Wear:

Dursan® wear resistant coating also improves surface lubricity, extending the life of components located in particulate rich or high wear environments.

Durability_Solutions_Wear_Graph_10_9_13-resized-600Reduced Leak rate:

SilcoTek surfaces demonstrate minimal outgassing and leaking, even under extreme vacuum conditions.  Our precision coating technology maintains instrument component tolerances, eliminating the need for special machining or component assembly.


Extreme Temperatures:

SilcoTek high temperature coatings can take the heat, up to 1000c in some applications.  Engineers treat reactors, shrouds, stack probes and other heat exposed components to reduce oxidation or improve surface inertness under extreme conditions.


Cryogenic Capable:

Even under cryogenic conditions, SilcoTek's silicon chemical vapor deposition won't delaminate from the component surface.

Unmatched Purity & Inertness

Engineers select SilcoTek inert coatings because we lead the industry in CVD surface technology.  SilcoTek coatings make reliable testing of product impurities possible, resulting in improved yields and reduced cost.


That's why you'll see SilcoTek® products in chemical and petrochemical plants worldwide.  Let us select a coating for your application.

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