Introducing Siltride: SilcoTek's Most Robust Coating Technology Yet

July 14 2023


The SilcoTek team has been hard at work creating, testing, and perfecting so that we can present our NEW SiltrideSM 1000 CVD coating process! The new Siltride technology is a brand new protective barrier that our customers can utilize for increased corrosion protection and high temperature environments. 



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Siltride is the newest addition to SilcoTek’s portfolio of game-changing coatings. These coatings are comprised of amorphous silicon oxynitride (a-SiOXNY:H), a robust chemistry that substantially improves corrosion resistance, hardness, wear resistance, and electrical resistivity. As SilcoTek’s most hydrophilic or “water-attracting” coating, Siltride 1000 boasts a water contact angle as low as 10°, making it ideal for improving the surface properties of critical process flow paths in medical devices, life sciences instrumentation, and oil and gas facilities. New Siltride coatings are SilcoTek’s best solution for the most demanding applications.

Siltride is a type of surface treatment that involves depositing a thin film onto the surface of a material. This coating offers a range of benefits, such as improved corrosion resistance, enhanced chemical inertness, reduced friction, and increased wear resistance. It is commonly used in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, and analytical instrumentation.


Superior Corrosion Protection 

In the lab, we tested uncoated coupons against Siltride-coated coupons for 7 days in an environment of 6M (18.5%) HCl at room temperature. (ASTM G31). This test mimics an aggressive environment testing the limits of Siltride. In these conditions, Siltride performed well with minimal corrosion while considerably outperforming uncoated 316L SS.

Siltride HCl graph 


We also tested 50% H2SO4 for 1 week at room temperature. Uncoated and Siltride-coated coupons were immersed in 50 wt% H2SO4 for 168 hours at room temp. (ASTM G31). When measuring the average corrosion rate (mpy), Siltride showed a nearly 7x improvement over uncoated 316L SS. 


Siltride h2so4 corrosion graph  


High Temperature Stability

The Siltride coating is applied using a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process, which ensures a uniform and conformal coating that adheres strongly to the substrate. With a maximum temperature up to 700° C, customers are able to maintain performance and stability in high temperature environments. The graph below shows how siltride compares to some of our other popular coatings. 


Temp Limits


Improved Wear Resistance 

Wear track SEM images below (both taken at 500X) of bare SS and Siltride after pin-on-disk test (top), and wear track cross-sectional profiles (bottom left) show Siltride has more than double the wear resistance and hardness of bare SS.

Siltride wear resistance


Check out the data sheet for Siltride 1000 for more information. 


Siltride 1000 Data Sheet


See for yourself and test Siltride in your application now! For a limited time*, customers can enjoy a 10% discount on all Siltride coated products!

Siltride Regulator Shadow-1  Siltride Tube Shadow-1  Siltride Filter Housing Shadow-1

Coated product examples.


If you have questions about our new Siltride coating or want to get free samples, please reach out to our technical service team at or give us a call at (+1) 814-353-1778.

*Orders quoted on or before September 12, 2023 will receive 10% discounted pricing on Siltride items.